Help with importing "valid" ead


I am exploring the usage of the archivist's toolkit for our collection. But in order to do that, I will need to import the existing EADs. As far as I know, these are valid EADs but they would not import. I have read Chapter 6 of the user's manual, checking for possible errors but could not see why the EADs would not import.

I am attaching a very small EAD file (less than 7KB). Could someone please glance over the file and tell me what I need to fix to be able to import my EADs?

Thank you very much for your time.


Tien Doan

ms007107.xml7 KB

Hi Tien, I was able to import

Hi Tien,

I was able to import this fine. What is the error message you're getting?



still has import error

Good morning Sybil,

I tried it again after reading your message and it still sports the ever cryptic:


Time to Import Record: 1.11 sec

The document failed to import
There was a problem with the XML parser


How can this be??

With regards to my setup, this is a fresh installation running on vista-64. A caveat on my installation though. I started out by downloading and installating AT by itself (w/out the JVM). I couldn't connect to my local instance of MYSQL even though I have a path to JAVA in my environment and my other program can access MYSQL on port 3306 just fine. After banging my head for a while, I gave up, downloaded and installed AT w/JVM on top of the old installation. Using the manager to setup the database connection, it gave the same message "your database is not a MYSQL database" error, I shut down the manager and restarted in again and lo and behold, it worked.

So, all in all, I suspect something might be strange in my installation.

What do you recommend?

Again, thanks for looking into this.

Tien Doan