Work order spec for review

Good afternoon, folks,

I am posting for your review and comment a specification drafted by the
AT Specification Team for supporting the management of work orders,
which we are defining as specific actions (preservation, reformatting,
exhibit, loan) desired for specific items or aggregates of materials.
This functionality will be added to the integrated Archivists' Toolkit
and Archon application, as will the other outstanding specifications,
which include subject and name revisions and rights management.

Please read the attached specification and send to the AT Specification
Team by Tuesday, September 15, any questions, comments, or suggestions
you have. Please comment here or send your responses to the ATUG list and / or

We look forward to your input!


Rachel Onuf
Archives Analyst

Work Order Spec for community review.doc189.5 KB

Work Order Specification

A couple of comments:
-I don't see where the linked records associated with a work order are displayed, either in the new reports or in the description of the List Work Order function. This seems essential, since without it there's no way of knowing how work orders relate to a repository's holdings. Am I missing something in the spec?
-It seems like work orders, in the Work Order function, can only be sorted/filtered and not searched on. It would be very helpful to be able to search on many of the fields to see, for example, all open WOs, all with a deadline approaching, all for a given vendor, etc, and various combinations. I realize some of this can be achieved by manipulating the list screen, but it's not as robust as having full searching capabilities.
-Will there be any way to see all WOs for a Resource, regardless of level (component, DO, etc.), when viewing at the Resource level? Maybe this could be achieved by displaying some type of flag in the hierarchy. This could facilitate in quickly being able to know if materials are available when we're scheduling patron appointments without having to view, for example, all components in a series.

re: Work Order Business Rules

Quick question: will only Class 3 users and above be able to view work orders? Or will all user classes be able to view but only Class 3 users and above can create/edit?