Conclusion of Archivists' Toolkit Project, Phase Two

With the release of Archivists’ Toolkit version 2.0, Phase Two of the Archivists’ Toolkit project has concluded and the project team has disbanded.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the following for their support, guidance, and contributions during this phase of development:

AT Project Staff: Brian Hoffman, Arwen Hutt, Lee Mandell, Rachel Onuf, Annie Ross, Sibyl Schaefer, Nathan Stevens, and Jason Varghese.

AT Consultants: Judy Dombrowski, Jane Lee, and Winona Salesky.

AT Administrators: David Ackerman, James Bullen, Luc Declerck, Carol Mandel, David Millman, and Brian Schottlaender.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

For the rest of 2009, Nathan Stevens and I will be providing support to AT users. Our efforts will be constrained to answering user queries, addressing bug reports, and, when absolutely necessary, testing and producing maintenance releases of the AT application. A maintenance release will be produced when a bug is reported that 1) affects all users generally; 2) impedes ability to input, output, or process AT data; and 3) has no discernible work around. “Work arounds” for reported bugs will be posted to the FAQ on the AT website. Contributions to the core AT code by other institutions or individuals, per the guidelines for contributing code (, may also trigger release of an updated version of the application.

While the AT is in this maintenance mode, the AT / Archon integration will be advancing. Progress in that effort, as well as requests for feedback, will be communicated to AT and Archon users and to the archives community at large through various channels.

It’s has been an immense pleasure and adventure to collaborate with the persons listed above and with the archives community at large in developing and supporting the Archivists’ Toolkit during the last five years. I look forward to collaborating with the Archon project staff, and many members of the archives community, during the upcoming AT / Archon integration.

Sincerely yours,

Bradley Westbrook
AT Project Manager