Webinars Scheduled for Discussing HiLevel Requirements for AT / Archon Integration

Two two-hour webinars, by invitation only, have been scheduled for discussing the high level requirements for the AT / Archon integration project. The webinars will take place 8-10 p.m. GMT on Tuesday, Dec. 8, and Thursday, Dec. 10.

A list of the participants (invited AT and Archon users and members of the archives community at large)is provided below.

We intend for the webinars, following on a general vetting of the high-level requirements by the archives commumity, to result in a prioritized list of requirements that will guide the work of the integration technical team which will be constituted soon after the first of year.


AT / Archon Integration Project
Webinars, Dec. 8 and 10, 2009
List of Participants

Archivists’ Toolkit Users

Kate Bowers, Harvard University,
Patrick Collins, City of Bostion Archives
Nancy Cricco, New York University,
Glynn Edwards, Stanford University
Nancy Enneking, Getty Research Institute,
Nicola Frean, Victoria University of Wellington Library
Tanya Hollis, California Historical Society
Bridget Lerette, Martin Luther King Project
Kat Stefko, Bates College
Katherine Williams, Museum of Flight

Archon Users

Pamela Hackbart-Dean, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Jason Fowler, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Julie Grob, University of Houston
David Haury, History Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Linda Hocking, Litchfield Historical Society
Lauren Kata, The Archives of the Episcopal Church
Jennifer Maxon, Museum of Ventura County
Amanda Robillard, Northwestern University Library
Amy C. Schindler, The College of William and Mary
Rachel Vagts, Luther College

At-large invitees (these persons have been invited as representatives of community standards such as METS, MODS, EAD, EAC, and DACS or of key concerns such as linked data, business rules, consortia users, etc.)

Genie Guerard, University of California, Los Angeles
Bill Landis, DACS editorial board
Mark Matienzo, The New York Public Library
Dennis Meissner, Minnesota Historical Society
Elizabeth Nielsen, Northwest Digital Archives
Cory Nimer, Brigham University
Jenn Riley, METS Editorial Board
Kyle Rimkus, University of Miami Libraries
Adrian Turner, California Digital Library
Peter Van Garderen, ICA-Atom
Ching-hsien Wang, Smithsonian Institution

AT / Archon Integration Team

Lisa Spiro, Moderator, Rice University
Chris Prom, Archon,
Scott Schwartz, Archon
Brad Westbrook, Archivists’ Toolkit