Archivists Toolkit 2.0 Update 3 - Maintenance Release

Archivists’ Toolkit Version 2.0 Update 3 has been released and is now available at Installing this release does not require upgrading of AT databases currently set to version 2.0.

This release is a maintenance release which fixes the following reported bugs:

1) Inability to do batch deletion of location records (ART-2060;

2) Search results not limited to repository logon credentials (ART-2045;

3) Spelling error of note type attribute in MODS export for digital object description (ART-2069;

The bugs listed below remain open and will be addressed subsequent to this maintenance release either through a later maintenance release or through the AT/Archon integration project. Information about each bug, including potential “work-arounds,” can be found in the individual bug reports.

ART-2086 (

ART-2085 (

ART-2081 (

ART-2073 (

ART-2070 (

ART-2068 (

ART-2011 (

ART-2006 (

ART-1980 (

ART-1973 (

ART-1958 (

ART-1952 (

ART-1715 (

ART-1660 (

ART-1571 (

Please send any questions you have to, and thank you for your continuing interest and support