Is it possible to establish users' after imputting data on AT ?

Dear Archivists’ Toolkit Team

I have already created an AT database and imputed data. Unfortunately I overlooked the part in the instruction manual about establishing users' before imputing data. Is there a way that I or an IT specialist could establish user profiles without losing the information stored on the database?

Thank you for your help.

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Zoe Darani

Yes, users may be added,

Yes, users may be added, modified or deleted.
From the Setup menu, select Users. Then click on the ‘Add record’, ‘Remove record’ or if you want to modify an existing user record, highlight and click on the record to be edited.

For more information, see ‘Managing users’ in Chapter 5 of the user manual:

Note that only class 4 and 5 users can create/edit user records. See User Permissions table in the appendices for information on classes 1-5 users

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Annie Ross
Project Support Coordinator