AT-Archon HiLevel Requirements Final

The high level requirements for the integration of the Archon and Archivists’ Toolkit applications are now available. These requirements were developed by Chris Prom, Scott Schwartz and Brad Westbrook with considerable input from members for the archival community in the form of responses to an early draft of the requirements, discussion during the two webinars focused on the requirements, and two polls, one prior to and one after the webinars. The requirements document as well as pre- and post-webinar surveys are attached.

AT Archon HiLevel Reqs--FINAL-2010127.pdf163.02 KB
AT-Archon HiLvl Reqs -- Pre-Webinar Survey.pdf147.9 KB
AT-Archon HiLvl Reqs -- Post-Webinar Survey.pdf315.32 KB