MySQL Installation

My intern and I are attempting to load in AT. Previous to this, one of our IT guys had tried and never got past MySQL. From what we can tell, MySQL was downloaded but not the admin download. So, we went to download the admin, using the link on the page This took us to a website that was for MySQL Workbench 5.1. So, we download that and this is where we are stuck. We tried to create users but can't seem to figure out how to do the privileges.

Can anyone help us?

Kathleen Washy
UPMC Mercy Archives
Pittsburgh, PA

Hi, Kathleen, I believe your

Hi, Kathleen,

I believe your questions was answered on atug, but just in case, i'll post here too.

The AT application is designed to run with the community versions of MySQL (MySQL version 5.x and above). Here’s the link to download:

And the link for step-by-step information on installing the backend db server is at:

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Problem while creating database

Il have a problem while creating the database with the maintenance program 2.0 : "specified key was too long max key length is 1000 bytes"
I am working with windows XP and WAMP release
As it is said on your website, I have uncommented the part concerning innodb.
Mys sql.ini file is as follows :
Do you have an idea ?
Thank you

Jacques Kergomard