Creating Record Groups

Dear Forum,
We have only recently installed Toolkit and would like to know how to create record groups within repositories. Usually, our hierarchy is like this. For example:
Special Collections Department
- History of Aviation Archives (HAC)(that would be the repository in Toolkit)
--Civil Air Transport (that would be one record group)
---Fred Walker Papers (that is the resource)
Currently, we have the Walker Papers listed under HAC in Toolkit, but are not happy with this solution.
Furthermore, where in Toolkit is there a feature that allows us to spell check before we send the report to create the finding aid?
At finally, is there a way to create automated accession numbers?

Thank you,

Patrizia Nava

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Create record groups

Thanks Annie, your comments were a great help to us. Patrizia

Re: Creating record groups

Hi, Patrizia

Thank you for your interest in the Toolkit. In response to your first question, a one possible solution for creating record groups within repositories would be to create a resource for HAC, then add the components (Civil air transport, Fred Walker Papers). Another possibility would be to create a subject heading for HAC and then apply that term to all relevant resources.

As to your second question, there is no spell-checker function for the Archivists' Toolkit, but you might could generate a report as RTF file (select from pulldown menu on Reports) and paste into word-processor to verify the spelling.

Lastly, there is no way to automatically create Accession numbers.

Best wishes,