CDL Hosted Archivists' Toolkit Service

The California Digital Library (CDL) is hosting an instance of the Archivists' Toolkit for contributors to the Online Archive of California (OAC).

By hosting the backend server and database, and providing the technical infrastructure for the system at CDL, we hope to make it easier for contributing members to use the application. Contributors only need to implement the Archivists' Toolkit client software to get started. Our goals are to provide contributors with more options for getting content to the OAC, and help them avoid the costs associated with hosting the system locally.

The service currently includes the following support:

  • Centralized system and software upgrades
  • Data recovery and backup of information about collections
  • Technical/database support and user support

A user guide for the service is also available. The user guide provides information on installing/configuring the client software, and also provides instructions for preparing resource and digital object records that are compliant with OAC encoding specifications.

There are no fees for use of these services.

Information about the service is available on the CDL website.