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I've been using AT since July and have been quite happy with it. However, I've just run into an issue. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, or perhaps it's a known bug.

I'm dealing with a rather complex set of administrative records, which I at first divided into multiple record groups (each as an AT Resource) with series components. Now, I've decided that some of these should really be together as a single record group with each former record group forming a series and each series forming a sub-series.

I created a new resource for the new larger record group and tried to use the "Transfer" button on the "Resources" panel to move the old data into the new resource. This worked for one old resource, then failed (no error message, the old resource data just failed to appear in the new resource), then suddenly worked for one more old resource (after exiting AT and doing a MySQL dump), then failed again.

Thanks in advance for any help. I'd really rather not have to re-enter everything manually...


I guess I figured it out. If

I guess I figured it out. If I quit and restart AT after each transfer, then it works...


Spoke too early. Doesn't work again, even if I quit and restart...

Transfer/merge records

Hi, Mike,

What you want to use is the 'Merge' function. When two resource records are combined using the Merge function, the record that is merged into another record (not highlighted) will be deleted; the data it contained will become part of the record into which it was merged. You can either merge records into one record or you could create a stub record and merge the records into that stub record.

Information on how to merge is in the new features document for AT 1.5:

As well as in the AT 1.5/1.5.9 user manual (p. 149-151):

Best wishes,