Inventory list appearance

We have just installed 2.0 and I generated a new HTML finding aid to see what was different, to find the collection inventory was decidedly undesirable. Instead of listing the folder title, box and folder numbers on one line, the same information now takes up a whopping amount of space with a folder title on one line, then has, on the next three lines, a table for its content, box, and folder numbers, which repeated with each entry, taking up a horrific amount of space and looks equally horrific. We have no tech support to alter the stylesheet, but more importantly, this doesn't happen for all the inventories, just parts of them. Aside from the obvious question (who would think this was a good idea), is there some easy way in AT where I can turn this feature off (whatever feature it is), other than altering the stylesheet because I don't have stylesheet access, and my institution does not have a current employee capable of altering the said stylesheet. The fact that this doesn't happen to every inventory thoroughly makes me wonder if there's something someone thought was unique about 'text' materials, because 'audio' and 'graphic' materials display as they used to, with everything on one line.