Accession numbers

Dear List,

Is there a way to add multiple additions to one unique accession number?

The scenario is like follows: we have a donor that brings materials, mostly books and magazines, on a regular monthly basis to our repository. We assigned a unique accession number (e.g. 04-10.H, the 04 is the consecutive number of a donation of a given year, the 10 stands for the year 2010, and H for a particular record group) for the first donation and added each new gift under that number. What changes is the date, thus making each accession unique.

Can we follow the same principle in Toolkit? I came up with two solutions:
• Leaving the number (04-10.H) as it is and add all the materials in the note field of the accession feature and print out the entire inventory.
• Changing the number, e.g. 04-10.H.001 for the first, 04-10.H.002 for the second, etc. addition to the collection.

Thank you.