Importing subject terms

Is it possible to import subjects into the Archivist Toolkit, rather than enter them manually?
I am tempted to add our hundreds of corporate terms via MYSQL inserts into the subjects table but I don't know if that breaks the system.

Possible, but not advisable


It's generally not advisable to make modification directly to the back-end database, since we provide no support for doing this.

That said, there isn't any external dependencies on the Subjects table, so direct addition of data shouldn't cause a problem provided the data being added results in a valid record in the AT. For it to be valid, the "Type" and "Source" must match what's in the AT, otherwise you could have problems on data export.

Best thing to do would be try this on a copy of your production database before to make sure it causes no problems.

Would it be possible to do

Would it be possible to do the same with Names?