Adding work stations after setup

I've just installed Archivist's Toolkit and initialized the database. I set the database up to one workstation and not the network. I wasn't thinking ahead to other staff inputting data in the future. Is it possible to allow other workstations access to the Toolkit later or is this a onetime setup? I haven't entered any data yet so can uninstall and reconfigure if necessary.

Peggy Dillard
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library
Staunton, Virginia

I too have this question--I

I too have this question--I set up AT (with MySQL) on one computer terminal and now we are interested in moving this onto our server. Are there any major issues with doing this that I should be aware of? We have already added data.

Kate Dietrick
Whitney Museum of American Art

re: moving to server

Hi, Kate,

I believe your question was answered via the AT info email, but just in case, I'll repeat here.
You can migrate the contents of a stand-alone or local host MySQL database to a new, empty (& uninitialized) database on a network. First generate a SQL dump of the database, then load the SQL dump into the new networked database.

Directions for generating and transferring are in the AT FAQ section:

Best wishes,

Re: adding workstations

Hi, Peggy,

I apologize for the delay in responding to your question.

Can you provide us with more information on your setup? What type of database are you using (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle or Internal Database)? Do you have access to a server to run database on, is there an IT person who can setup the database?

This is an issue for your IT person to help with, however, it is possible to create a backup of the database (MySQL) and then move it to another server and then move it to another server.

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adding workstations with an Internal Database

Can you help me with the process for adding workstations after installing the AT with an Internal Database?


Hi, Kathryn, The AT Internal

Hi, Kathryn,

The AT Internal Database is for single-user environments, i.e, only one user requires access to the AT database at a given time and either a network does not exist or is not being used.
For a networked environment, MySQL is used most often as the backend database, although both SQL Server and Oracle are supported.