ATReference release

ATReference Project Announcement

The Rockefeller Archive Center is pleased to announce the community release of ATReference, an extension of the source core code of the Archivists’ Toolkit™ that supports the management of reference related activities in an archival setting, including registering patrons, recording visits and topics of research, and tracking researcher statistics and research products.

Priority One of the project is now available for download, and work on Priority Two is already underway. To download the software and access other project details, please visit the ATReference github site at:

Keep visiting the github site to follow along or participate in the development of this exciting open source software!

In keeping with the original goals of the Archivists’ Toolkit™ project, the new module and its source code is freely available to the archival community. It is the hope of the project Development Team that this project will provide an innovative solution for archival institutions, encourage wider adoption of the Archivists’ Toolkit™ by significantly increasing its functionality, and serve as a national model for contributing open-source technology for the benefit of the entire archival community.

Out of the desire to make the new module as broadly applicable as possible, the ATReference Development Team welcomes community input and feedback.

Marisa Hudspeth, Rockefeller Archive Center (Project Manager)
Lee Mandell, former Archivists’ Toolkit™ Design Team Manager (Lead Programmer)
Sibyl Schaefer, Rockefeller Archive Center (Usability and Beta Testing Coordinator)
Brian Stevens, West Connecticut State University (Reports Designer)
Laura Montgomery, Rockefeller Archive Center (Interface and Usability Tester)
Becky Robbins, Rockefeller Archive Center (Project and Documentation Coordinator)

Please address all inquiries to Marisa Hudspeth at

Marisa Hudspeth
Lead Archivist, Digital Program
Rockefeller Archive Center
15 Dayton Ave.
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591
(914) 366-6324