Main entry (110) in MARCXML export

For some resource records that I create, I put in multiple names as creators, and the system automatically sorts them alphabetically. I did not see a problem with this until I tried a MARCXML export for a record and noticed that the system chooses the first name in the list and puts it in the main entry field (110 in this case, since I am using corporate authors), and the rest of the names go into 710 fields. Is there any way I can stop this from happening? In this case, I don't want a main entry at all. I want all of the names to go into 710 fields.

I am also wondering about when I do want to have a main entry. Is there any way in the AT to designate which name I want as a main entry?

The AT export map is located

The AT export map is located at the bottom of the AT User Manual contents page:

When exporting an AT record (Resource or Digital Object) to MARCXML, the export process will designate as main entry (1XX) the first name linked to the resource record or digital object as a creator. If that results in a name you do not want to designate as the main creator, then you will need to edit the MARCXML record, basically flipping the 1XX to 7XX and the 7XX you want to be the mainentry to 1XX.

In the particular case you describe, the fix would simply be to change he exported main entry (110) to an an added entry (710).

It's important to remember that the AT MARCXML exports are very generic. They should always be reviewed and adjusted where necessary. Certainly, they need to be edited when exporting flattened LCSH hierarchical subject headings.