Specified key was too long ...

Using the Maintenance program I initiated a new MySQL database. This error was displayed after I entered User Information: "Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes."
The Maintenance program doesn't give any option to go Previous or Next or Finish, only cancel.

I can see a record created in the user table for the user name I entered and this for the password:
"[BLOB - 16 B]".

My password was 8 characters, with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and a symbol. Is this the cause of the error, or something else?

Re: Specified key was too long ...

Hi, Tracy,

I believe this FAQ applies to the situation you describe:


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What we're using is hosted by

What we're using is hosted by our University on the department web server (Apache) and we have a number of other databases running from it.
I will investigate to see what I can edit in config files for our MySQL Server. I know the recommended storage engine is MyISAM.