Oracle setup for AT

Justin Patterson, Oracle DBA at Penn State University documented the Oracle installation procedures and kindly shares with the AT community.

Oracle Setup for AT_PSU.pdf55.32 KB

Trying to initialize new database

We are trying to setup an AT database on Oracle ( and not having much luck. Every time I try to use the "Maintenance Program (2.0)" to initialize the database I get the very generic message: "An SQL error occured when checking if database is empty".

When looking in the listener logs, I can't find any indication that the maintenance tool even connected, but by the same token, I can't find any logs from the client giving me any indication that it couldn't connect.

I know that on the site it lists Oracle 10g as the supported oracle database, but 10g has been all but end-of-lifed by Oracle. Am I facing an 11g incompatibility problem? I'm just looking for some clues to figure out what's going on.