Importing EAD with Multiple Languages misses <langmaterial>

Summary: EAD import to AT misses multiple languages in EAD element

First time user, I am trying to prepare for import a legacy archive (Pilsudski Institute of America), some 10,000 records. Many files and fonds are in several languages. I am planning to convert the records to EAD. To test, I created a sample Fonds and File records in Archivists' Toolkit, exported and re-imported.

Both sample Fonds and File records had a language (single, required) and Language and Materials Note (text, indicated multiple languages). On Export, EAD has duplicated the element
<language langcode="pol"/>
<langmaterial id="ref12" label="Languages">polish, french, english</langmaterial>

and included both. (So far so good...)

On Import however, the second <langmaterial> element has been ignored. It is ignored also if I removed the first <langmaterial> element from EAD. In this case the imported Fonds or File has no language, but also no Language and Materials note.

In neither case am I able to import the Language and Materials note with multiple languages.

It appears that the <langmaterial> tag is reused in two places in export, but only one on import. This may be a problem with import code. But perhaps somebody knows of a trick to make the import function accept both the <language langcode="pol"/> element and the free text that indicated multiple languages.

The alternative seems to be to manipulate the raw data in database tables, but I would like to avoid it, if at all possible.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions.



Re: Importing Legacy Data

Hi, MarekZ,

The AT listserv is much more active than the forums (and dates back to the start of AT project). Here's a link to seom discussion on having multiple language codes at the resource and component levels

Best wishes,