hsqldb sharing

Our small repository, having only three operating PCs working off a networked server would like to share the HSQL internal database set up on the archivist's desktop. But when we tried to configure our second machine to read the database at its URL destination on the server, it would not read the database giving a server acquisition failure error message. We have attempted to find other solutions online, including working through the HSQL Guide, but with no results. Could anyone offer any possible way around this lockout.

Re: hsqldb sharing

The AT internal database option is for a single-user
environment in which a network does not exist or is not being used. Since you are already working off a networked server, perhaps best option is to use MySQL as the backend database. The instructions are here:


These instructions are for MySQL 5.0/5.1 but the latest version of the Toolkit, AT 2.0 update 12 is also compatible with MySQL 5.5