Searching Accession Records

Is there a way to search accession records by keyword across all fields? For instance, say you're searching for an item in your archives, and you remember it came with a recent accession, but you don't know whether that item is discoverable by way of the fields in the basic information, accession notes, or user defined tabs.

Many thanks,

Wendy Kramer
San Francisco History Center
San Francisco Public Library

Wendy, There is no support


There is no support for conducting a keyword search of accession records within the AT application. But you have two options for satisfying your need:

1) Add all the key fields to the search editor and then search them individually, or, more efficient,

2) Generate a report of all your accession records (most of the key fields should be included) and then search that report independent of the AT.

Brad Westbrook
Metadata Librarian & Digital Archivist
UC San Diego Libraries