Create Blank Database

Hi a newbie here :-)

I need help creating a blank database - thanks

On one your instructional pages here [] there is a download URL as follows.

Instead it is redirected here:

The Create blank database instructions do not seem to coincide with the Workbench once downloaded and installed.

What is the equivalent of the instructional step 2 (Click on Catalogs) in this Workbench?

1. Launch the MySQL Admin program
2. Click on Catalogs
3. Create a new catalog

The Operating System is Windows XP SP3

PS...I have installed Archivist Toolkit 2.0; MySQL Workbench 52CE; .NET 4 Client Profile; C++ 2010 Redistributable...All installed with zero issues



Initialising database

Hi Folks. I'm brand new to AT and am having problems initialising the blank database. I've installed MySQL 5.5 and the MySQL Workbench 5.2 following the instructions in the installation guidelines. When I run the AT Maintenance program I get the error message "An SQL error occured when checking if database is empty" I've followed the suggestions in the forum thread by Annie but still no luck. I'm running the system on Windows 7. I've also tried to create a non-root user using MySQL Workbench but I'm not sure if I've done this correctly.
I'd welcome any help you can offer to sort out this problem.
Kind Regards,
John Edwards

Hi, John, I'm happy you were

Hi, John,
I'm happy you were able to get the system working after going back to an earlier version. Just a reminder to all that MySQL 5.5 is only compatible with AT 2.0 Update 11 and later versions.


Hi, Marty, Here's the link to

Hi, Marty,

Here's the link to the installation guidelines:

If you are wanting to evaluate the AT or a single user environment, you might prefer testing the AT with the internal database. The AT internal database does not require a backend database (MySQL). Step-by-step instructions, including screenshots are at

Best wishes,

create new database

Hi Annie
Most helpfull