keep view access to repositories separate

yaaaa, no longer an issue. The fields that other users can see are actually helpful.

thanks for programming this the way it is. it helps a lot.

We have multiple repositories, but I've noticed that when I assing a user to a specific repository, with level 1 security rights, that user can still list everything when I am in names or Subjects. Is there a way to keep it to viewing only the repository information the user is assigned to?


David L.

Hi, David, Class 1 users have

Hi, David,

Class 1 users have limited privileges, (for instance cannot create new name, subject or accession records, nor add/edit users, repositories, date format or configure application) but they can view all Names and Subject records. For more information on user permissions classes 1 to 5, here’s the link to the user permissions table, delineating each of the five classes and their privileges:

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