Package org.archiviststoolkit.structure.MODS

Class Summary
AbstractType 520
AccessConditionType 506, 540
BaseDateType Java class for baseDateType complex type.
BaseTitleInfoType Java class for baseTitleInfoType complex type.
ClassificationType 050, 082, 080, 060, 086, 084
DateCapturedType Java class for dateCapturedType complex type.
DateOtherType Java class for dateOtherType complex type.
DateType Java class for dateType complex type.
DetailType Java class for detailType complex type.
ExtensionType use for local extensions or for extensions from other XML schemas
ExtentType Java class for extentType complex type.
GenreType 008/26, 008/33, 008/29, 008/30, 008/24+, 008/21, 008/25, 655
HierarchicalGeographicType 752
IdentifierType 010, 020, 022, 024, 028, 037, 856
LanguageType 008/35-37, 041
LanguageType.LanguageTerm Java class for anonymous complex type.
LocationType Java class for locationType complex type.
ModsCollection Java class for modsCollection element declaration.
ModsType Java class for modsType complex type.
NamePartType Java class for namePartType complex type.
NameType Java class for nameType complex type.
NoteType Java class for noteType complex type.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the org.archiviststoolkit.structure.MODS package.
OriginInfoType Java class for originInfoType complex type.
PartType Java class for partType complex type.
PhysicalDescriptionType Java class for physicalDescriptionType complex type.
PhysicalDescriptionType.Form Java class for anonymous complex type.
PhysicalLocationType 852 $a $b $j $e
PlaceTermType 260 $a if text.
PlaceType Java class for placeType complex type.
RecordInfoType Java class for recordInfoType complex type.
RecordInfoType.RecordIdentifier Java class for anonymous complex type.
RelatedItemType Java class for relatedItemType complex type.
RoleType Java class for roleType complex type.
RoleType.RoleTerm if it is a code: 100, 110, 111, 700, 710, 711 $4.
SourceType Java class for sourceType complex type.
SubjectType Java class for subjectType complex type.
SubjectType.Cartographics 255
SubjectType.GeographicCode 043
TableOfContentsType 505
TargetAudienceType 008/22, 521
TitleInfoType Java class for titleInfoType complex type.
TypeOfResourceType LDR/6
UnstructuredText If the link is supplied it is in lieu of or in addition to the content.
UrlType 856$u

Enum Summary
CodeOrText Java class for codeOrText.
NameTypeAttribute Java class for nameTypeAttribute.
PlaceAuthority Java class for placeAuthority.
ResourceType Java class for resourceType.