Creating a blank database


Database management for MySQL can be done from the command line or using a GUI tool. Two GUI tools that work well for MySQL are Navicat (commercial info at and MySQL Administrator (free download at The instructions here are based on the MySQL Administrator.

Steps for creating a new blank database using GUI tool:

1. Launch the MySQL Admin progam
2. Click on Catalogs
3. Create a new catalog
1. On a Mac click the “plus” button
2. On Windows right click in the schemata area or Ctrl-N
4. Give the database a name. This is the name that will be used to access the database by users and administrators

And to create a new blank database using the command line:

create database [DB_NAME] default character set 'utf8' default collate 'utf8_general_ci';

("[DB NAME]" can be assigned to any name you choose; however, the name needs to be expressed in all uppercase characters)


The Oracle work should be done by an Oracle DBA (Database administrator).

The command for creating the blank database is:

create database [DB NAME] default character set 'utf8' default collate 'utf8_general_ci';

Oracle setup procedures followed by Penn State University staff (Jan 2012) are included below.

Microsoft SQL Server

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Installing the back end database server | Initializing Overview | Creating user accounts for using and managing the database

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